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martes, 31 de mayo de 2016

La cuenta de instagram que querrás seguir

Quién pensaría que mezclar tu creatividad, habilidades para ilustrar y el buen uso de las redes sociales (instagram), se volverían en un trabajo de tiempo completo para alguien. Pues así le sucedió a Rachel Ryle, quien con solo subir una animación en instagram, le cambió la vida para siempre. 

Un día como cualquiera, una chica como cualquiera, sin estudios, ni conocimiento en dibujo o montajes audiovisuales, decidión poner toda su pasión, creatividad, tiempo y esfuerzo, decidió probar una herramienta de animación de instagram y así creó casi cuentos infantiles sobre sus viajes, estilo de vida y sus formas de ver la vida. 

Rachel, ahora está dedicada profesionalmente a crear ilustraciones y animaciones con la técnica de stop motion, cuenta con más de 660k followers, síguela y te enamorarás de su trabajo. 

This animation is for anyone who is daydreaming of a beach vacation! If you've been following my recent adventures on Snapchat or Facebook (👉🏻@rachelryle👈🏻) then you know that I've been a busy bee! I finally have a break in my schedule so I've painted my toenails & packed my bags to sneak away!! Tomorrow I'm heading to Jamaica for a much needed vacation! I wish I could pack you all in my luggage to take you with me...but, as you can see, not even my radio fits! Don't you worry though, I'll be back soon with a tan & tons of new ideas to create! 😘 #stopmotion #animation #art #drawing #cartoon #instavideo #instavid #video #travel #instatravel #beach #vacation #jamaica #beachboys #beachbody #beachvacation #getaway #packing #clothes #bikini #bathingsuit #summer #fashion #🌴 #🍹
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I'm excited to be working with @Microsoft to launch the @Surface Signature Type Cover! I've had a serious talk with my pen & paper collection, and told them that I've been playing around on a tablet. They took the news better than expected, and they fully support my decision. In celebration of creativity we all went out for a milkshake...and a cupcake ;) Fun news! If you're in #NewYork this Saturday the 16th, come meet me at the flagship @microsoftstore on 5th Avenue! I'll be saying hello, giving high fives and participating in a panel discussion with a collection of awesome designers! The fun starts at 9:30am....bonus, there will be prizes & brunch. Go to this link to grab your spot (seats are limited): While you're there you can also check out the new Microsoft #Surface Pro 4 Signature Type Cover, it's available in the @microsoftstore now! Last but not least, I have a shiny new Surface Pro 4 & Signature Type Cover to #giveaway!! It's just like the one you see in this photo! Who wants it?! There are no complex rules of this contest, simply leave me a comment and I'll personally be selecting a random lucky winner. Pssst...I really hope it's you! ;)
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